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Sleep with any Prana Rest pillow for 101 nights! If you are not happy, delighted, thrilled or ecstatic with your purchase or, you simply want to return any pillow within 101 nights we will give you 100% of your money back and pay for return shipping.

Made in U.S.A
Side-Sleeper System (Posture Perfect + Body Pillow)
Side-Sleeper System (Posture Perfect + Body Pillow)
Side-Sleeper System (Posture Perfect + Body Pillow)
Side-Sleeper System (Posture Perfect + Body Pillow)



Side-Sleeper System (Posture Perfect + Body Pillow)

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$298.00 (Queen)
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Body Pillow Size - 20”x54”

  • Side-Sleeper System-Best Pillows for Neck Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain and Knee Pain. Also ideal for pregnant women
  • Both the Posture Perfect & Body Pillow are Fully Adjustable 
  • Safe - CertiPUR-US certified
  • Cool Touch Cover - Silky smooth, breathable + cool to the touch
  • CopperComfort™  Shredded memory foam blend - Antiviral, Antibacterial + Cool to the Touch.
  • Risk-Free 101-Night Sleep Trial

Not all pillows are created equal.

Our Cool Sleep Technology

includes our Cool Touch Cover, Copper Gel Infused Certipur-US Certified Shredded Memory Foam and our Cluster Fiber-fill which dissipates heat and provides cooling properties.

  • Copper Infused Fill

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Cool Touch Cover

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I’m sleeping on copper?!

All Prana Rest pillows are filled with our CertiPUR-US certified CopperComfort shredded memory foam for support + cluster fiber for comfort. Our new proprietary CopperComfort blend is an INDUSTRY-FIRST and only available at Prana Rest.

CopperComfort has multiple health and therapeutic benefits including, being antiviral and antimicrobial and it dissipates excess body heat, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Made in the USA our luxurious blend gives you optimal support and comfort exactly where you need it, so your pillow is never too hard or soft and with the benefits of copper gel your pillow is fresher, cooler and delightfully comfortable all-night long.

Fully Adjustable:

Do you toss and turn at night, use 2 pillows for support or, wake up tired or in pain in the morning?


All Prana Rest pillows are fully adjustable. Unzip them and adjust the fill on the inside.

Too much fill? Remove some.
Not enough fill? Add some more. We’ve got you covered!

Cool Touch Cover:


Our Cool Touch Cover is silky-smooth, breathable and cool to the touch. This innovative fabric starts cool and then immediately adapts to your body temperature. We spared no expense with this beautiful, functional cover. It’s the Rolls Royce of pillow covers and we’re certain you won’t find it anywhere else.


The Copper Comfort  Body Pillow - Back Pain, Pregnancy or Snugging

Have you ever sacrificed the perfect sleep because your knee resting on your other knee was uncomfortable? Have you ever wished you had something to rest your shoulder on and cuddle with that was soft and supportive? Is it difficult to find a comfortable position because of your pregnancy? Has nagging back pain or surgery caused sleep disturbances?

The Prana Rest Copper Comfort Body Pillow is designed to provide soft comfortable support for your knees, legs and shoulders.

Ideal for side -sleepers, The Body Pillow is ideal for pregnant women and anyone with back, shoulder or arm pain. We love it just for cuddling!

The Posture Perfect Copper Pillow for Neck Pain, + Headaches

Do you have trouble sleeping, can never seem to get your pillow in a comfortable position, have neck pain, or wake up in the morning with a headache or fatigue?

Orthopedic surgeons recommend keeping your head level with your body and your neck slightly supported during sleep. Sleeping 8+ hours a day in a constricted, contorted or elevated position will cause discomfort or pain. Tossing and turning and constantly readjusting due to poor neck and head support can also cause sleep deprivation and take over your life! Moodiness, edginess, poor workplace performance and health issues are a few issues related to poor sleep.

The Prana Rest Posture Perfect Copper Pillow is designed to keep your head level with your body and your neck supported during sleep, as recommended by orthopedic surgeons. It allows your body to sleep in the most natural posture. The result is a deep, restorative sleep – so you’ll awake feeling rested and pain free.

NOTE - We pre-fill The Posture Perfect Copper Pillow + Copper Comfort Body Pillow to suit most body types for a great night’s sleep right out of the box. You can easily unzip and adjust the fill to further customize your support.

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