101-Night Sleep Trial

Sleep with any Prana Rest pillow for 101 nights! If you are not happy, delighted, thrilled or ecstatic with your purchase or, you simply want to return any pillow within 101 nights we will give you 100% of your money back and pay for return shipping.

Made in U.S.A

Our Story

Are you guilty of hoarding a flat, old uncomfortable bed pillow and piling it on another pillow?

Do you toss and turn at night or wake up in the morning feeling tired, irritable or in pain?

You spend a third of your life sleeping on your pillow, so isn’t it important to have the best sleep ever?

At Prana Rest we understand sleep better than anybody else because we have been manufacturing premium pillows for other companies for over 25 years right here in the U.S.A.    

 After years of researching, testing and manufacturing high-end pillows for our client brands we decided to take all that we have learned and manufacture the best pillows ever. Our brand is Prana Rest and the innovation and quality of pillows we offer is unsurpassed.

If you think a pillow is just a pillow, think again. There is a 95% chance the pillow you are sleeping on is non-adjustable (you cannot unzip it). But here's the issue, even if you adjust these pillows every time you move in your sleep the fill shifts and will eventually wake you up in an uncomfortable position. The result is that you have to readjust it multiple times every night to try and find that perfect position again and you wake up feeling exhausted with neck pain. 

That's where the Prana Rest Posture Perfect Patented Pillow is different from all other pillows. Adjustable from the inside (Zippered) it contains individual compartments inside that support your head and neck separately. This means you can adjust it once based on your personal head and neck contours and it will keep your ideal sleep position hour after hour and night after night providing you with a night of uninterrupted perfect sleep.

*Prana Rest Pillows adhere to Orthopedic Surgeons guidelines recommending, gentle neck support and the head being level with the body during sleep.

We spared no expense when it came to our premium materials. Our silky-smooth, breathable, Cool Touch Cover which we assure you cannot be found on any other pillow brand is one of the most expensive covers ever produced?

Our CertiPUR-US Certified Shredded Memory Foam fill provides perfect support. The infusion of our CopperComfort therapeutic copper gel provides anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. As you know copper has other health benefits which we cannot mention for legal reasons.  And, last but not least we compliment every pillow with our super soft Cluster Fiber Fill for the perfect comfort.

Do you know why most pillows do not have zippers?

Because most manufacturers use cheap mixed materials that they do not want you to see or feel!

Unzip any Prana Rest pillow and take a peek inside at our generous, luxurious fill. Or, even better reach in and adjust any one of our pillows for perfect customized support.  It’s the gold standard of fill and adjustability

We take pride that every pillow is individually filled, assembled and inspected in our Los Angeles factory by one of our pillow specialists.

Try any one of our delightfully, luxurious pillows today. There’s no risk with our 101-night sleep trial.

Sweet dreams and may you have the Best Sleep Ever!

 Mitch & Jack

 Cofounders Prana Rest